Grateful Dead Archive Garcia Memorial Collection Drive

Thank you!

We are humbled and immensely grateful to our donors for your support of the Archive’s Garcia Memorial Collection drive. Thanks to all of you for getting involved, making a gift, and sharing the project with your family and friends!

We surpassed our $10,000 goal!

With your help, the collection has been processed, preserved, and now can be made available to researchers and exhibited for years to come. We're particularly grateful for the additional funds, which will be used for other vital archives in the Library's Special Collections department.


Thank you to our donors!

Anthony Angelica

Jack Baribault

Darrin Brenner

Edward Brett

James Burris

Clayton Burris

Andrew Caplan

Carin Channing

Betty Chrisman

Ned Clark

Elizabeth Clifton

David Cohan

Robert  Craig

Michael J Dalterio

Susan Doran

Brian Duisenberg

Andrea Duncan

Charles Dunn

Hamlin Endicott

Howard Epstein

Marci Eversole

Michael Fingold

Matthew Fleisig

Mary Glanville

Michael Greenberg

Anita Grunwald

Zachary Hall

David Huber

Paul Israel

Edward Jacobs

Robert Jadon

Ryan Jeppson

Kimball Jones

Heather Joseph

Sunshine Kesey

Marc Koff

Bill Kreutzmann

Todd Krieger

Jordan Landau

John Leopold

Lynda Lester

Joe Malnar

James McElwee

Richard Metzler

Jerry Miller

Bettina  Mow

Andrew Myers

Jon Ney

Michael Pond

Jim Quist

Erin Royal

Terry Rudy

Chris Schimmel

Bob Seki

Steve Silberman

Tina Smith

Shelley Sonnenberg

Gail Teymourian

Thomas Thornton

William Tyson

Zachary Waldman

Eric Warren

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