Media Center Lending

Beginning Winter Quarter, 2014 the library is running a pilot program to lend a subset of our VHS and DVD collections to undergraduates and University staff. We will assess the pilot once it is complete and decide how to proceed from there.

Why are we doing this?

  • To support increased access to library resources.
  • To support UC-wide initiatives toward increased lending of Media Collections.
  • Because increased library use of any kind benefits everyone.
  • Because expanding lending would help many courses and paths of study.

Information for faculty members and graduate students

Will my loan periods for films change?
Your loan periods will not change. You can continue to check out films for 7 days with a 3 day grace period.

How was this pilot program vetted?
The pilot plan was vetted by the Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication.

How can I ensure that materials are available when needed?
We recommend booking items well in advance. If you know an item will be needed by your class, request to have it put on Reserve for the quarter. For details on bookings and placing items on Reserve:

Information for undergraduates and staff

How many items will I have access to?
You will be able to select from approximately 8000 titles.

How many items can I check out at once?
For the purposes of the pilot, just one at a time.

How do I know which items can be checked out?
In the Cruzcat catalog, look for titles with the location Media Center Circulating.

How long will I be able to keep DVDs/VHSs that I check out?
You will have a 24-hour loan period, with no renewals and no grace period.

What is the charge for returning items late?
Media items are often unique and failure to return them infringes on the right of access for other library patrons.
Charges on circulating Media items are as follows:

  • $5.00 for the first hour or partial hour
  • $2.00 each hour thereafter
  • At 24 hours past the due date circulating Media items will be considered lost. You will be billed for the cost of replacing the item, the amount accrued in overdue charges, and a library billing fee of $20.00.

Upon return of the item, only the replacement cost of the item will be canceled, provided the item has not already been replaced by the library.
Charges accrue even while the library is closed.

To prevent charges, please return items on time, and request that items be checked in when you return them.