Institutional History of the University of California, Santa Cruz

Rita Bottoms
Rita Bottoms, Polyartist Librarian, 1965-2003

Pedro Castillo
Professor Pedro Castillo: Historian, Chicano Leader, Mentor

Donald T. Clark
Donald T. Clark: Early UCSC History and the Founding of the University Library

James Clifford
James Clifford: Tradition and Transformation at UC Santa Cruz

Michael Cowan
"It Became My Case Study": Professor Michael Cowan's Four Decades at UC Santa Cruz

Cowell Press
Cowell Press and Its Legacy: 1973-2004

Raymond F. Dasmann
Raymond F. Dasmann: A Life in Conservation Biology

John Dizikes
John Dizikes: Reflections on a Life of Learning and Teaching at UC Santa Cruz, 1965-2000

G. William Domhoff
G. William Domhoff: The Adventures and Regrets of a Professor of Dreams and Power

Allan J. Dyson
Allan J. Dyson: Managing the UCSC Library, 1979-2003

Louis F. Fackler
Louis F. Fackler: Founding Campus Engineer, UC Santa Cruz

Julie Fawcus
Julie Fawcus: History of the Trianon Press in Paris, France

Carol Freeman
Teaching Writing in the Company of Friends: An Oral History with Carol Freeman

William Friedland
Community Studies and Research for Change: An Oral History with William Friedland

M.R.C. Greenwood
From Complex Organisms to A Complex Organization: An Oral History with UCSC Chancellor M.R.C. Greenwood, 1996-2004

Gary Griggs
From the Ground Up: UCSC Professor Gary Griggs as Researcher, Teacher, and Institution Builder

Isebill "Ronnie" V. Gruhn
Professor Isebill "Ronnie" V. Gruhn: Recollections of UCSC, 1969-2013

Donna Haraway
Edges and Ecotones: Donna Haraway's Worlds at UCSC

Harold A. Hyde
Harold A. Hyde: Recollections of Santa Cruz County

Clark Kerr
Clark Kerr and the Founding of UC Santa Cruz

David Kliger
Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor David Kliger

Leo F. Laporte
Leo F. Laporte: Professor of Earth Sciences: Recollections of UCSC, 1971-1996

Daniel H. McFadden
Daniel H. McFadden: The Chancellor Mark Christensen Era at UCSC, 1974-1976

Dean E. McHenry
Dean E. McHenry: Founding Chancellor of the University of California, Santa Cruz

Helene Moglen
Helene Moglen and the Vicissitudes of a Feminist Administrator

Olga Nájera-Ramírez
Crossing Borders, Crossing Worlds: An Oral History of UC Santa Cruz Professor Olga Nájera-Ramírez

Michael Nauenberg
Michael Nauenberg: Professor of Physics: Recollections of UCSC, 1966-1996

Andrew Todd Newberry
Andrew Todd Newberry, Professor of Biology: Reflections on UCSC, 1965-1994

Kenneth S. Norris
Kenneth S. Norris, Naturalist, Cetologist and Conservationist, 1924-1998: An Oral History Biography

Oakes College
Oakes College: An Oral History

Jim Pepper
Jim Pepper: The Evolution of Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz

Karl S. Pister
Karl S. Pister: UCSC Chancellorship, 1991-1996

Mike Rotkin
Mike Rotkin and the Rise and Fall of Community Studies at UCSC, 1969-2010

Elba R. Sánchez
A Lifetime Commitment to Giving Voice: An Oral History of Elba R. Sánchez

Peter Scott
Peter Scott, Professor of Physics: Recollections of UCSC, 1966-1994

Priscilla "Tilly" Shaw
Professor Priscilla "Tilly" Shaw: Poet, Teacher, Administrator

Karen Sinsheimer
Karen Sinsheimer: Life at UC Santa Cruz, 1981-1987

Robert Sinsheimer
Robert Sinsheimer, Chancellor of UC Santa Cruz 1977-1987

Page Smith
Page Smith: Cowell College and UCSC: A Decade of Educational Innovation

Robert Stevens
Robert Stevens, UCSC Chancellorship, 1987-1991

Angus E. Taylor
Angus E. Taylor: UCSC Chancellorship, 1976-1977

Kenneth V. Thimann
Kenneth V. Thimann: Early UCSC History and the Founding of Crown College

UCSC Arboretum
The UCSC Arboretum: A Grand Experiment

UCSC Farm and Garden Project
The Early History of UCSC's Farm and Garden Project

UC Santa Cruz in the Mid-1970s: A Time of Transition, Volume I

An Oral History with John Marcum, Sigfried Puknat, Robert Adams, John Ellis, and Paul Niebanck

UCSC Student Interviews
Student Interviews, 1967 and 1969

UCSC Women's Center
Crossing Borders: The UCSC Women's Center, 1985-2005

Hayden White
Hayden White: Frontiers of Consciousness at UCSC

F.M. Glenn Willson
F.M. Glenn Willson: Early UCSC History and the Founding of Stevenson College

Frank Zwart
Growth and Stewardship: Frank Zwart's Four Decades at UC Santa Cruz